"Me and alcohol have a love/hate relationship. We're in a fight right now, but we're making up tonight." - Unknown

Thursday, September 30, 2010



Dear Laurier,

I hate you more than anything right now. Of course the day before my first quiz in one of my classes, the system or whatever the eff decides to shut down/not work/suck major ass. ALL I WANT IN MY LIFE IS THE LECTURE SLIDES THAT HOLDS THE INFORMATION THAT I NEED IN ORDER TO GET 100% ON THIS QUIZ. I know this quiz is only worth 5% but that 5% could be the difference between a B+ and A-, a C+ and a B-... LIKE WHAT DO THESE PEOPLE EXPECT FROM ME?? I can't even check my e-mails, something that I do every two seconds of my life and I feel totally lost with my lack of WebCT/new MyLearningSpace that I hate all together, another subject that I can't even get started on. I know I shouldn't have waited until the day before the quiz to start studying but come on, give me a break, I'm a busy lass and I even finished all my work in order to have all night tonight to study. So now, I am forced to watch the new episode of Cougar Town because I have nothing else to do with my time. SO THANKS, LAURIER... for nothing.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Honestly, I think today may have been the most epic fail at life. My alarm goes off at 7:30 this morning for me to get up, shower and get ready to go to class but did I get out of my warm, cozy bed? You obviously know the answer to that question. Why would I get up for a fifty minute class when I could just sleep for fifty more minutes? I seriously think there should never be classes on Friday. OH FUCK, today is Wednesday. I still stand by my comment. Whoa, I'm actually totally rattled that I thought today was Friday for that mere two seconds. So seeing as I was too cool for school today, I figured I would spend my day reading my facking crazy ass African story that needs to be read for tomorrow but obviously failed at that. My room is right in the front of my house, meaning I have a full access view of the wonderful street, Ezra and apparently also have a staring problem. I have spent my day creeping Facebook, watching Teen Mom and staring at the people walking by my house. I didn't realize until today how many attractive boys attend my school, well, at least I'm hoping they go to my school. So here I am, it's about seven o'clock and I haven't even looked at my book because of all the distractions (good looking people) on my street. Obviously this sounds creepy but I mean, why wouldn't you want to watch people when they have no idea you're watching them? It's obviously different at night because people can see into my room if I have the lights on and my blinds open so I have to change my game a little: STRATEGY is what I like to call it, AKA closing ma blinds. I've heard some hilarious stuff just lying in my bed at night (obviously not purposely eavesdropping on people's convos) because of all the drunkies who like to venture to bars around the lovely midnight hour. SIDE NOTE: for the guy who tried picking up a girl by telling her that he had "room service" at Titanium, well played my friend, I applaud you. I guess all I'm trying to say here, in the least and most creepiest way, I am watching you...from my bedroom... at night... during the day... weekends... weekdays and usually wearing my pink fleece homesack. Happy Watching!