"Me and alcohol have a love/hate relationship. We're in a fight right now, but we're making up tonight." - Unknown

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We celebrated Jenny Q's birthday in style this year - that's right, we went to Rev.. my first time going this year and probably my last. I used to love Rev because of how epically huge it is and the fact that it's about ten times the size of Vault aka Titanium aka Craphole, but this time I didn't enjoy myself as much as I have in the past (maybe because of the lack-o-black guys that night). I don't enjoy the club scene as much as I used to and would obviously rather just chill out at a bar (karaoke bar preferably) and throw back a couple (hundred) beers and be done with my night. I mean, I obviously still love Phillip's because who doesn't love a club that is literally underground? Side note, went to Phil's a few weeks ago and avoided a friend's advice to "never look up"... big mistake. Phil's doesn't have a ceiling... well it does but the dust up there is actually so hilarious and I can't believe that place doesn't know what a vacuum is. Picture the inside of a fan and the dust on the blades of said fan... then times that by about seventeen billion and you have the amount of dust on the ceiling at Phil's. I think I just created a whole new meaning to the term 'Dirty Phil's' for myself. Anyways, back to Rev and our night. Honestly, nothing too exciting happened other than the ordinary drunkenness that happens on drunken nights. Our cabby on the way to the club was fucked right up. He blasted Gaga for us and when we gave him a 50 cent tip (haha whoops) he turned around, looked at me and said, "You ladies only gave me a 50 cent tip." Being rattled and for some reason thinking that because he blared Gaga for us he deserved a better tip, I whipped out my wallet and gave the dude six bucks. I couldn't help myself... his eyes where locked on me and I felt like he had dug into my soul and literally forced my body to give him a better tip. After that, I spent way too much money on cover, drinks, illegal drugs/paraphernalia (jokes) and also my hooker at the end of the night. Another reason that I'm not that big of a fan of clubs anymore: money and the fact that you spend more than your tuition for one night out. If I took all the money I have ever spent at clubs, invested that shit and saved it, I would obviously be able to afford the shack I've been admiring. Our night ended as it normally does, us at home hanging out and talking about how much we hate cab drivers who ask for a better tip plus how much we could really go for some Twice the Deal (best pizza in Waterloo, hands down). Oh, pretty sure they didn't play one Gaga song at the club too, big mistake my friends. I mean, how can I enjoy my night when I don't even get to hear my girlfriend's beautiful voice playing through the speakers? I know people won't agree with me that staying in/just going to a bar is better than going to a club/getting raped up the ass by men on the dancefloor but I'll write a post explaining why and how that scene is better than the ass raping scene. Till then, stay safe.

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