"Me and alcohol have a love/hate relationship. We're in a fight right now, but we're making up tonight." - Unknown

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Joe Dog's is probably my favourite bar in this entire world. That's a lie, it's my favourite bar in this country. It has such a good mixture of things that I like: dirty old men, the option to dance if wanted, the option to just sit down and relax, a live band every Friday, a DJ every Saturday and also the arcade game Stack 'Em (best game on earth). The only thing that Joe's is missing (other than me on the days that I'm not there) is karaoke. If Joe's had karaoke then it would be a mega-super-awesome bar for any and all to enjoy. Whenever we go there we ALWAYS request Green Day because well, I'm obsessed and would probably marry Green Day if I was able to. We never get turned down when it comes to requesting Green Day but on Friday, I was shot down hardcore when I asked the DJ to play some GD for us. I do realize that Green Day doesn't have any dance songs and wouldn't normally be played at a club but I mean the dude could have interrupted his third playing of 'Stereo Love' to satisfy one poor soul wanting to hear the best band in the world. Seriously, that DJ sucked major balls and I was so heartbroken when he shot me a dirty look and told me he couldn't play Green Day. For the longest time we were the only ones on the dancefloor and you would like to think he would be a nice guy and not be a bag of douche by playing Green Day, but no! We came up with a new dance move that night... we call it 'The Marie' which is basically just pretending to hold a drink and then spilling it all over the place because that's what Marie did all night. Even the DJ was laughing at her... the only funny and useful thing he did all night. I was alone on the dancefloor for a bit because my friends obviously had enough of listening to another playing of J Lo's new jungle anthem (that's what it sounds like to me) and sat down at our table. While alone, I made a new 'friend'... aka some 45 year old lesbian. Normally I would be all over this situation but I wasn't THAT drunk and she just wasn't my type haha. At first I was cool with it because she danced the moonwalk like no other but after calling me sweetheart and telling me how horny she was, I left before I broke the poor woman's heart. We left Joe's, after I flipped off the DJ of course, and got pizza because drunk pizza is the best kind of pizza (cold pizza is crap compared to it). It's always the same pizza boy when we go and after lying to him about how much I liked his ugly tattoo, he gave us a free slice and we went home. I wanted to go to the library the next day but that obviously never happened because I felt so sick after drinking this crazy ass wine I found in my parent's garage. All in all... good night, good dancing, terrible DJ, awful tattoo, delicious pizza.

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