"Me and alcohol have a love/hate relationship. We're in a fight right now, but we're making up tonight." - Unknown

Friday, December 25, 2009


So, Merry Christmas! I hope everyone spent lots and lots of time with their family and played outside in the snow... OH NO WAIT, there is no snow. One of the greatest things about Christmas, besides the music, is the snow. I was so sad to come home to there being absolutely no snow on the ground. Other than that, Christmas was basically the same this year as the others. My mom's side of the family came over yesterday; we exchanged gifts, played NHL 2K10 and ate way too much food. My family gatherings always end up in the same way; my uncle complains about how my mom makes instant coffee, my cousin and I drink way too much, we talk about how much my uncle loves the movie Dodgeball and my family seems way too concerned with the fact that I drink. Apparently me and my cousin are the alchs of the family because we are the only two who ever get wasted at family events. It's never something that we plan ahead or anything like that. I'll be pouring myself a drink, he'll look at me, I'll pass him the bottle of booze, no words are exchanged, just the glances between two people looking for a nice, solid mixed drink. My biggest regret from last night is starting to drink at six and not stopping till about eleven. Mistake number one: mixing beer, wine, whiskey and Bailey's. Just thinking about that right now is making me feel sick. I basically didn't sleep last night. I passed out for about two hours and woke up, dying of thirst and then was never able to go back to sleep. So, Santa, I would like to apologize for basically still being drunk while my family was opening gifts this morning. I have the worst hangover ... still and it's five freaking thirty. I'm not really sure what happened last night; all I remember is my grandma saying to me, "Christy, you no drinka anymora. You supposed to help in the kitchen because you a girl." Well, sorry, grams, I don't even remember dinner last night so it was probably for the best that I stayed away from any appliances. My grandma is Italian, just in case you're wondering. She had no problem with my male cousin being drunk, but whenever I took a sip of my drink, she gave me the dirtiest looks from across the room. Today, she can't stop talking about how angry she is with me for drinking. Well, I guess she won't be too happy when she finds out that I got two LCBO gift cards for Christmas.

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