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Saturday, February 27, 2010


I have a problem with lying... as in, I can't do it. I base a lot of who I am on honesty because I'm not a fan of liars, at all. If I were a black rapper I would say, "Imma be real wich chu" to you guys right now because that's exactly what I'm going to do. Another thing I have a problem with is saying "no" to people... so, basically, I give in to peer pressure very easily. Not to say that I would jump off a bridge because my friends were doing it but, I wouldn't say "no" if my friends pressured me to go out drinking on a Thursday if I had an exam on Friday. I have a couple stories to tell you that shows my a) need to tell the truth all the time and b) inability to say no....

Story #1:
I went to go see my English prof about one of my essays on Thursday. The class is a poetry class and all we do is talk about the importance of what the poet has written... but in ridiculous detail. We willl go into great detail about why the poet wrote three words in the same line beginning with an "s". It's just ridiculous. So, while I'm talking to my prof I'm telling her that poets didn't write certain things in order for people to study it the way we do and that we go into too much detail about their poems. Basically, told her that her class is just awful and there is no reason for it. THIS IS WHERE MY PROBLEMS COMES INTO PLAY. Why would I tell her all these things? She doesn't want to hear all that crap!

I can't lie to people... it's just completely impossible for me. If you ask me a question, I'll tell you the truth. Fuck, sometimes you don't even have to ask me a question and I'll pull the line, "I have a confession" and tell you the truth. One time, I was walking to Joe Dog's with some friends and I saw some guy I work with and I pretending as if I didn't see him when we walked by him. So, turns out he was going to the same place as us and he says hi to me... and I say, "oh, I didn't just see you over there by that car and pretend that I didn't see you". SERIOUSLY? I realize that was more than one story, whoops.

Story #2:
I was sitting in the dining hall at my school and this attractive thirty year old man came and sat beside me while I was doing my work. I was a little rattled when he sat down but didn't mind it because he was hot. So he starts telling me how he works at this salon and they have this sweet deal going on and he shows me this pamphlet with all the things you get with this deal. He tells me it's fourty dollars and that I have to pay him right there in order to get the deal. Then I was like, "what if this is a scam and you're just going to take my money?" So he tells me this deal is legit and I go, "okay but I don't have any money on me right now." Then he goes, "there's an ATM machine around the corner." At this point in time, any normal person would realize how much of a scam this is and would tell the guy to fuck off. What do I do? I run over to the ATM machine and give him fourty bucks. Will I ever see that fourty bucks again? NO FUCKING WAY. After actually reading the pamphlet he gave me, I saw all the spelling mistakes and when really looking at it, all I got out of this deal was a men's haircut. So thank you, Michael, you fucker.

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