"Me and alcohol have a love/hate relationship. We're in a fight right now, but we're making up tonight." - Unknown

Friday, February 26, 2010


Last night was pretty fun... mainly because the night ended with a delicious slice of Four Seasons pizza. We didn't make it to the bar, again. Well, technically we made it there, we just didn't go inside because the line was long. I wish we actually waited in line because I love Chainsaw and it's basically one of my favourite bars. We had a bunch of people at our house last night and I'm pretty sure everyone had a great time... well, why wouldn't they? There isn't much to say about last night... we danced, we sang, we played flip cup and just had a blasty blast.

I want to tell you guys about my solution to drunk texting/dialing. For those of you who are guilty of this, please raise your hand. I KNOW YOU JUST RAISED YOUR HAND. So, I'm the biggest drunk texting/dialer out there... it's actually ridiculous. On Wednesday night, I came up with a solution to my problem: I wrote a drunk note to myself on my computer. You may not think that this is a solution but it totally is. Since I don't have Facebook, I have resorted to drunk e-mailing but now that I just leave notes for myself, I feel no need to write anything to anyone else. I will leave you with the notes that I have left myself for the last two nights....

Wednesday night:
its a comfort knowing that youre okay and that you just dont go out to crazy wild partiesi and love them more than everyuthing else in the world. this may not be undertstsadnble to you because not even taht word is understandable haha there ohn sysssysyssyessysyses im not going to aplogize for this email bedfause werll lets get serious im a b itch. but whatever i cant help it at all. philips.

Thursday night:
if eveyrhing dcoxcesn't work oput like you wantg it to, it will, it eventually will so please jusat straqy here and dont leaver befdcause its okay, its all okay ande evetrhyhijng is okay and youre okayu and eveyrhtijng is okayu evne thou8gh that chainson aw didnt happen everything is okay and youre okay and itsw all okay so please dont eventr thijngk that it isisnt because it ototally its. okay> ???!

I wish I started this before because it would be hilarious to look back and see the things that I said to myself.

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