"Me and alcohol have a love/hate relationship. We're in a fight right now, but we're making up tonight." - Unknown

Thursday, March 11, 2010


My absolute favourite alcoholic drink is a whiskey sour. The first time I ever had one was last year and it's all I ever get when I'm at the bar (that's a lie, I get it a lot though). The cheapest place I've ever gotten one is obviously at Phillip's (it was $2.50)... and the most expensive was at Joe Dog's ($7.25)... do not ask my why I decided to get one for that price. It has a very distinct taste, it's sweet and delicious, there is no other way to describe it. So next time you're at the bar, get a whiskey sour because it will change your life.

I suggest not making this drink at home because I have tried before and it didn't taste as good as it did when I got it at the bars.

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