"Me and alcohol have a love/hate relationship. We're in a fight right now, but we're making up tonight." - Unknown

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


When: March, 2009
Where: WCH/The Vault

The very first time I ever bought a bottle of Fireball was last year in March. I had tried it before and I liked it so I decided to give in and spend the $19.95 (big mistake). Me and some of the girls from my floor last year were going out to The Vault (sketchy ass club here, worst club ever)... anyways, we were drinking in our lounge doing shots (mistake number one) and after a few shots, my heart begins to beat super fast and I feel like I'm going to pass out. I had to leave, go to my room and lie down for a bit before I killed someone. After being in there for a few minutes, I felt better and returned back to my friends. Don't worry, the night had JUST begun at this point. We went to the bar, danced for a bit and then I realized that my one friend was M.I.A. (and no, not the singer). So I called her, she said she was outside the bar still because her friend's fake ID didn't work. This is where my detective skills came into play. We went to the side door of the club where people leave to go out and smoke, told our friend to meet us there and snuck her in when the security guards weren't looking (so badass, I know). However, this wasn't the first time that our friend tried sneaking in the side door. The security guards recognized her, surrounded us and told us to leave. I was absolutely terrified and I thought the security guards were going to kills us. We left, walked around to the front of the club and tried getting in again (epic fail). The owner of the club (or so he told us) came out and told us to leave. So, of course, me thinking I'm tough shit when drunk, I start talking back to him, telling him how awful and shitty his club is. We argued for a few minutes and then he BANS ME FROM THE CLUB... okay, pal. I was fuming at this point, just extremely pissed. The three of us left and went to The Fox where we were standing in line for a few minutes. The next events are somewhat of a blur to me, all I recall is seeing my one friend running towards a cab and the other, standing in line looking absolutely terrified. I then notice that there is water all over the ground and I'm like "where the fuck did this water come from?" I stared at that puddle for so long and couldn't grasp what the fuck that liquid was. THE NEXT DAY... a bunch of us were discussing the events from the night before and I asked them what the fuck happened when we were in line at The Fox since I didn't really remember much. They told me that they had to leave and go back to res since my friend pissed her pants because she was so trashed. Honestly, funniest moment of my life when I found that out. It all made sense to me: the urgency to get into the cab, that weird puddle on the ground that appeared out of nowhere. I haven't drank Fireball after this night and I never will again... although, when I think about it, that entire night comes back to me and then I'M the one pissing my pants.

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