"Me and alcohol have a love/hate relationship. We're in a fight right now, but we're making up tonight." - Unknown

Friday, March 26, 2010


Last night, my roommate's friend from Ottawa, Fiona came to our lovely home in celebration of her 20th birthday. We decided that the best place to take her was the bar called Dallas, a bar that I'm not much of a fan of but there's a mechanical bull there so who can complain? Anyways, she got to our house pretty late, around eleven or so which meant she had about three and a half seconds to get drunk before we went to the bar. Honestly, this girl is a champ. She downed about ten shots within ten minutes. I went upstairs for ten minutes, came back down and she was completely trashed. Good job Fiona, you made me proud. Our plans to go to Dallas failed miserably for a couple reasons: 1) it wasn't until twelve o'clock that we made it out of the house and 2) the bus ride there would have taken at least fifteen minutes... AND SO, no Dallas (can't say I was too opposed to not going there). Everyone ended up leaving the house except for Jen (another roomie) and I because we are actually the slowest people on this earth. Jen lost her phone so we were looking for it for about twelve years. Two drunk betches + searching for a lost item = bad news bears. We looked for awhile and figured we should leave for the bar since everyone left days ago. We called a cab and went to Chainsaw (oh yes). I was reunited with some friends from last year which was just super. Fiona almost got in a fight because she is a crazy betch and loves fighting people when intoxicated. Jen and I ended up leaving after an hour because we love pizza more than anything else in this world. We went home, ate our hot pepper pizza and parted ways to our beds. I was on Omegle for a bit and went to the washroom where I found Jen's phone in the bathroom sink. That's right, it was perfectly placed in the middle of the sink. I mean, how drunk do you have to be to leave your phone in the sink?

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  1. pizza & coke always make my days/nights better. You're hilarious btw! Love ur blog