"Me and alcohol have a love/hate relationship. We're in a fight right now, but we're making up tonight." - Unknown

Friday, March 19, 2010


Urban Dictionary (my fave) describes St. Patrick's Day as the following: Wear green. Go to parades and bars. Drink Guinness. Get snot hanging drunk. Act like an idiot. Blame March 17th. Seeing as that is exactly what we did (minus the drink Guinness part) on St. Patty's, I figured this defintion was pretty accurate.

Our day began around two o'clock in the afternooon. Some friends came over, we played flip cup in our driveway and invited randoms on the street to join us. Now, not trying to brag here but, my roommates and I are champs at flip cup... just pure champions. I recenetly lost my "flip" but, regained it on Wednesday, thankfully. Honestly, I'm pretty sure we won every single round of flip cup... and if we didn't, I'm just going to say that we did. We have improved our chant that we sing before we start playing. Before it was, "Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Laurier, Laurier" repeated twice. BUT NOW, we say that and then add "flip cup, bitch" at the end. It's a little vulgar but hey, it's a nice touch to an amazing song.

My street was a sea of green, it was just perfection. The house across from us had people on their roof and all over their lawn. I didn't get a very good picture of it because I was too amazed at my friend Matt on his unicycle.

I'm not even going to begin to try and give you a timeline to the events that occured on St. Patty's because I had absolutely no idea what time it was throughout the day. That's the beauty of drinking all day; you start early enough that you have all day to drink and still have the night to go out.

Our friend, April, got a ticket for standing onto the sidewalk with a beer bottle in her hands. We tried talking to Officer Slater and getting him to cut her some slack because it was St. Patty's but he was not impressed. We then went on campus for some food, got a pita, came back home, I took a nap and then went out to the bar. HOLY SHIT, I left out the best part... WE WERE ON THE NEWS! CTV was on our street for some of the day and taped us, it was just great. Second best part of the day: we didn't even have to clean up the outside because there was a man on a lawnmover driving by people's houses and cleaning up their mess. Also, four black hotties carried in our flip cup table and put it back into the basement for us. So yah, again, our night ended with a pizza slice.. and garlic dip because you can't have pizza without a dipping sauce.


  1. Yessss, good day. I had a lot of fun on St. Patty's day :D if only we had made it to the bar...

  2. Hahaha.. okay, in our defence, we made it to the bar and didn't want to wait in that gigantic line.

  3. hate that stupid ticket! i need to come get it from your house ASAP! lol due April 1st!